Ubere Mama wants to encourage mums like you to choose breastfeeding as a first choice to feed your baby. To help you overcome any shyness about breastfeeding your baby in public.

You might be reading this pregnant and considering breastfeeding?  

Yes, it’s a little difficult at first, but then so is learning to drive-right? But from my experience the exchange of deep bonding with my baby, knowing I was giving her the best and most balanced natural nutrients, over a manufactured synthetic milk replicating breast milk and that I always had food with me fresh and at the right temperature, outweighed the inconvenience of taking the time to learn a new technique-or painful nipples. (Medela or Lansinoh have great nipple protection creams by the way!)  

Or maybe you are reading this and already well established at breastfeeding and really don’t need to hear about the benefits?

Either way after you have settled in with your new baby at home you will eventually want to be amongst friends or family, or outdoors sharing your new baby with them. And you will need to feed your baby in front of these people either indoors or outdoors!

From my experience of breastfeeding and with the many mums I talk to, most of us don’t want to be showing boobs or midriff to family, friends or Bob and Hilda on the tube or in the park.
Although the most important thing to me was to keep breastfeeding I became frustrated with the lack of suitable clothing to help me breastfeed discreetly and so confidently outdoors.
So rather than give up feeding or hide away in some restaurant or shop toilet I decided to make my own clothes suited to breastfeeding outdoors, in parks, for on the tube, or for out in restaurants, or simply for sitting around with friends and family at home.

I made my own nursing tops with zips that would open and close as little or as much as I needed depending on the feed-and so gave me the freedom to feed anywhere. I made dresses with liftup flaps that were comfortable to wear when out and would not be too fussy for my son to lie under.
Although it sounds a vain thing it’s really important to breastfeed comfortably and with confidence so that you can actually get on with the really important business of feeding and bonding.

Ubere Mama was developed from this idea. Having worked at that point for 22 years in the Womenswear fashion industry I decided to go alone and develop breastfeeding clothing and so founded Ubere Mama in 2014. I developed my own range of products to sell to mums in the UK and in 2018 I started trading.

Ubere Mama has grown and is now a capsule collection of key styles new mums might need in their wardrobe. A co-ordinated range of complimentary colours for layering products together. The products are designed for postnatal fitting and have a longevity past the breastfeeding use by date. Please call me to discuss sizing as we also offer a bespoke service for mums that may not fit the standard sizes-which costs a little more but you get a garment that will be individual and last to your shape.

The range is all designed and made in the UK. It was important to be close to my suppliers for the true benefits of certified, traceable, ethical and quick response manufacturing. Having clothes made in the UK, whilst not the cheapest option it is a choice in believing to buy local and support UK manufacturing. Keeping and building skills for future generations in the UK
Ubere Mama fabrics and trims are all sourced from the UK. Using only YKK zippers and where it has been possible using sustainable fabrics. It is necessary for the future of our planet that all the new products are either containing OEKO TEX/ Organic or recycled yarns or fabrics.

The Ubere name comes from the Latin word for breastfeeding and has a playful connotation for all of us hardworking, multitasking Uber(e) mums.  

Give breastfeeding a go and try my products out, in a restaurant, café, park.  Even if it’s only for a month, your baby will still take great benefits from this, and you never know, you might become one of those mums that does it for longer! I was 3 years in total, after almost giving up at 2 weeks!  All of our products have been designed for longevity and can be continued to be worn long after your baby has been weaned.

Have fun and enjoy the new world of being a mum.

SJ x